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The CUSTO BARCELONA brand was founded by brothers David and Custo Dalmau in Barcelona in the 1980s. After gaining recognition for their designs, they opened their first shop in Barcelona. However, their real inspiration came in Los Angeles, where their garments caught the attention of television and film stylists, appearing in hit series in the 1990s.


This success led them to present their first collection at New York Fashion Week in 1997. In 2019 they signed a partnership with the Spanish company DREAMLABO for the development of their perfume line. That same year saw the launch of the new women's perfume THIS IS ME, a dazzling creation that set a new course for the brand while maintaining its unmistakable personality.


In 2022 they present I AM THE POWER, a stellar journey into the intimate universe of women...


To talk about Devota & Lomba is to talk about Architecture made Fashion, about the purity of the lines, the perfection in the cut, the innovation in the pattern, the sophisticated minimalism, the volumes that caress the woman's body adapting to her shapes, enhancing her presence and making her feel unique. Always respecting slow fashion and the Made in Spain label.


Devota & Lomba have been parading uninterruptedly for more than 30 years in the former Pasarela Cibeles, now Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid.


Although he was born in Buenos Aires, Torretta started in the fashion world when he landed in Madrid in 1972, and since then he has not stopped reaping success. That is why he is considered one of our most prestigious needlemen.


An essential figure on the Pasarela Cibeles catwalk, his career is marked by his restless character, which has led him to take part in countless joint ventures: he designs a jewellery collection, a line of glasses, watches?


His pret-a-porter style, sophisticated and urban, in which pure lines and simple, yet extremely elegant cuts stand out, has made him an essential designer in the wardrobe of Spanish women.

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HYSKIN is the first cosmetic biotechnology brand to combine high doses of Hydrogen with epidermal growth factor EGF, managing to stabilise the EGF protein for more than 3 years under worldwide patent.


With HYSKIN HYDROGEN SKINCARE we achieve 8 times the concentration of Hydrogen, increasing hydration, helping the active ingredients to penetrate the skin better and acting as an antioxidant.


In collaboration with Inves Biofarm Laboratories, we have achieved 2 milestones in biotechnological research with a worldwide patent.

Image by Han Chenxu


We are looking forward to work with you. 


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