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Gloria Vanderbilt appeared on Broadway in a revival of William Saroyan’s The Time of Your Life in 1955.


She ventured into the fashion business with Glentex in the 1970s. Her jeans brand is still recorgized for its iconic tight fit with the swan logo and bacame a staple for women all over the world.


Gloria Vanderbilt partnered with L'Oreal and entered the world of fragrances in 1982. She was a great artist and Ikeld her first exhibition of oil paintings, watercolours, and pastels in 1948.



Guy Laroche was born in the Atlantic port of La Rochelle, in the western part of France in 1921. At the age of 15, he sold his printed drawings to Yves Saint Laurent, and had proved his fashion design talent.


While at the age of 18, Guy Laroche launched his eponymous couture label in 1957 with a clear aim in mind: Liberating women's bodies away from the New Look, towards a comfortable, unferstanded elegance both 'refined and discreet.

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Paloma Picasso was born in Paris in 1949. She achieved her own renown as an internationally famous jewelry designer and achieved success on a global scale with a line of cosmetics and an accessory company.


Following in her father's footsteps, Paloma created an excellent aromatic self-portrait. She inherited her father's artistic talent, which means this woman is very successful in all her businesses.


The first fragrance was released in 1984 - importantly - Paloma Picasso, of course, is also the name and face behind the signature scent. We have something. or rather someone, that no other fragrance Brand has: Paloma Picasso.


A legendary self-made Russian fashion designer.


During the Cold War, he was known in the French press as the Soviet Union's answer to Christian Dior, or rather, 'Red Dior*.The first perfume, Maroussia by Slava Zai*tsev, was launched in 1992. Opulent fragrance completely cases the style and the entire universe of the designer. A bold fragrance for women with character.

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Sarah Jessica Parker has been enamoured and mesmerised by fragrance since she was a child, following in her mother's footsteps as she spritzed on her favourite fragrance for a special night out.


In her life and travels, she has sought out beautiful, rare and unusual fragrances from around the world, often taking home unique bottles, oils from street vendors and incense from faraway villages. In 2005, she had the great pleasure of launching her first fragrance, LOVELY. Almost two decades later, it remains one of the best-selling brands worldwide and has become the go-to perfume for women of all ages for many, many years.


Then, in 2020, BORN LOVELY was introduced. In 2021, SJP continued its quest with the launch of the bold and curious LOVELY YOU fragrance and in 2022, inspired by the energy of New York and the reopening of restaurants and Broadway theatre, the latest edition of Lovely debuted: LOVELY LIGHTS.

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